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Sandro joined forces with Natalie Molino to launch the Sandro Demaio Foundation in early 2018. Together with their team, they are using their expertise and experience in public and global health to change the way we think about food.

Sandro Demaio Foundation partners with a range of multidisciplinary individuals and organisations, from academics to social media influencers, government to consumers.


Natalie Molino

Executive Director

Natalie lives and breathes food and is extremely passionate about the power of food to inspire positive change. Natalie developed this passion after working for three years at one of Norway’s leading health and climate start-ups, EAT. During this time, she worked with leading UN organisations, independent policy institutions and the Governments of Norway and Sweden to realign food system priorities for people and planet. With a Masters of Public Health and Bachelor of Biomedicine from the University of Melbourne, her expertise spans health promotion and policy, and she is committed to developing thriving communities to empower change. Natalie now runs the Sandro Demaio Foundation and is continuously searching for creative, innovative and disruptive ways to promote and encourage tasty, healthy and sustainable diets. 

“Cooking is at once child's play and adult joy. And cooking done with care is an act of love.” 
― Craig Claiborne


Imogen Thomas

festival21 Director

Always one to have her cake and eat it too, Imogen has spent the past decade exploring parallel careers in business development and arts management. Her production credits include theatre, festivals, internationally acclaimed short narrative films, her current post as Head of Production for TEDx Melbourne, and Festival Director of festival21. Having also worked in business development across multiple sectors, and citing the likes of Dan Barber and Ronni Kahn as her personal heroes, Imogen is a staunch advocate for the role of business in influencing radical change. To this end, Imogen sits on the Board of Common Ground Project, a social enterprise established to create meaningful connections between the Melbourne hospitality industry and the Victorian food bowl. Imogen believes that food is the most immediate way to create change, and that every individual, business, and politician has a role to play in leveraging this reality for the benefit - not the detriment - of humanity. 

'So long as you have food in your mouth, you have solved all questions for the time being.' - Franz Kafka


Roberta Nelson

Project Manager

Roberta started her career as a nutritionist in private practice. Working one-on-one with people who wanted to feel better, she experienced firsthand the powerful influence food choices have on health and wellbeing. With the drive to improve nutrition en mass, Roberta went on to complete her Masters of Public Health before completing a stint at the World Health Organisation where she really grew to understand the complex global systems that govern population health and nutrition. With a slight case of homesickness, Roberta returned to Melbourne and joined the team here at SDF as Project Manager of the Foundation's school lunch project. Roberta’s aim is to make sure that every child in Australia has equal opportunity to grow up with the knowledge of, love for and access to real, healthy and delicious food. 

“Good bread is the most fundamentally satisfying of all foods; good bread with fresh butter, the greatest of feasts!” – James Beard


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