Food + Culture

What is the role of food and culture in preventative health?

Only 7% of Australian adults and 5% of Australian children meet their daily vegetable intake, we are spending over half of our food dollars on discretionary foods such as potato chips and soft drinks and two in three Australian adults and one quarter of Australian children are overweight or obese highlighting a breakdown in our food system.

A growing segment of consumers are becoming more aware of the true cost of what they eat, how their food is produced and processed and their wellbeing. How do we harness this momentum to allow more people to positively reconnect to their plates, understanding the power of the food that they put on it?

We want to expand the meaning of food beyond its role as fuel to sustain people. We want to do this by providing people with a platform to explore food from all its facets - how it connects people, how it interacts with our environment, where it has come from and how it improves our health- to reignite the conversation around the power of food to nourish and nurture our health, society and planet.

Bringing more food + culture events in 2019