Digital Innovation

Exploring the intersection of public health and digital food systems

It’s estimated that one-third of adults living in Australian major cities use food delivery platforms, resulting in over 68 million online food orders each year, with 20-40 year olds leading the way. This increasing trend to use online platforms to engage with, order and deliver food provides an unprecedented conduit to facilitate healthier food selection and ultimately improve the health of individuals, and populations.



VicHealth x SDF - The Digital Food Ecosystem Report

Funded by VicHealth, we published an unprecedented report exploring the implications and opportunities of the digital age on population health and healthy eating.

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Uber Eats x SDF x Deakin University - Research Project

Together with Uber Eats and the leading team of researches at Deakin’s GLOBE, we are carrying out an innovative and world-first research project to understand how particular interventions influence consumer choice and how these interventions can be used to nudge towards positive food choices.

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