Children and Education

Making it easier for kids to enjoy healthy, delicious and nutritious food


The Problem

It's tough to fill kids lunchboxes with something new, yummy and healthy every day and parents often don't have the time. Yet, we know that 95% of Aussie kids don't eat the recommended servings of vegetables and we have a looming childhood obesity crisis; with 1 in 4 kids overweight or obese. We also know that poor diet is the leading risk factor for disease in Australia. 

Our Solution

The Foundation's school lunch project will deliver affordable, nutritious and healthy school lunches to primary school children, developing healthy eating habits for life and halting the rising obesity rates in this age group. 

Whether it is for everyday or every now and again, the school lunch project aims to provide an accessible option that can be relied on by parents and loved by kids whenever it is needed. We want to give every family the ability to send their children to school well nourished; for all children to be able to get the most out of their day and develop healthy eating habits for life.